BE AWARE I’m a pet expert – here’s what you must do if you think a dog is going to attack… it could save your life

A PET expert has revealed exactly what Brits should do if they think a dog is going to attack.

Britain is battling an epidemic of vicious maulings, with incidents already hitting a 40-year high.

An expert has revealed the best ways to stop a dog from attacking
An expert has revealed the best ways to stop a dog from attacking

This year alone two people have been savaged to death by hounds, with dozens more attacked.

The first person killed this year was Surrey woman Natasha Johnston, 28, who died from “multiple penetrating dog bites to the neck”.

Less than a month later little Alice Stones, four, was mauled to death by her family dog in Milton Keynes.

Now dog behaviourist Nanci Creedon has revealed exactly what people should do to protect themselves if they come across a vicious hound.



If a dog looks ike its going to bite the main thing to do is to never turn your back.

What you want to do is to get out of the situation is to slowly walk backwards.

You should never turn your back to a dog who looks like they’re going to attack.

Often a lot of fatal and near-fatal dog attacks will occur when the person turns their back and the dog jumps from behind.


The next step is to use normal words with the dog that they recognise as good things.

Say ‘do you want your dinner?’, ‘Will we go walkies?’, ‘Where is your ball?’

These sort of things may get the dog to go from a fear or rage based place and get them to focus and snap out of that mode.

You should also use a tone of voice that moves downwards.

If your voice continues to rise throughout a sentence it will excite the dog.

But when your tone of voice moves downward it will often calm a dog.


The other thing you can do is give the dog lots of de-escalation signals to take the heat out of situation.

Yawning at the dog or blinking very heavily and slowly show the dog that you are non-confrontational.

This helps the dog realise that we are not a threat and that we are trying to deescalate the situation.

Dogs are the only non-primate species that read facial expressions so what you do with your face is very important.






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