Clever Cat Lures Dog Into Crate So He Can Get Some Alone Time

Milo, a 5-year-old tabby, has been Erika Longo’s only pet since he came into her apartment as a stray. But all changed a year ago when his mother brought home a golden retriever dog named Beckham.

The rescue cat is spoilt by his mother and always gets his way. Longo told The Dodo, “He has a really big personality.” “In life, he prefers the more costly, higher-quality things.”


So when a boisterous puppy emerged out of nowhere, Milo was irritated at having to compete for his mother’s attention. “When we initially brought Beckham home, he didn’t like him, and it’s taken him about a year to get used to him,” Longo added. “On occasion, Milo will cuddle up to him, and [Beckham] will lick him. At times, Milo becomes irritated with our dog and swats at him.”

Beckham feels he is unable to exit the box even when the door is partially closed. Longo is forced to let Beckham out of the box after providing Milo with the pets and cuddling he craves.

Longo said on TikTok, “This happens at least once a day.”

Milo has been locking his younger brother in the kennel for three months, and the pup still hasn’t learned out the trick. The more time the two animals spend together, though, the closer they get. Milo, on the other hand, can’t stop snuggling with his fluffy brother from time to time.






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