Diner Spots A Guy Out On The Sweetest Date With Hí Dog

Gemma Colón came into a restaurant in New York City the other day for a snack. However, the visit satisfied more than just her appetite.

“One of the most surprisingly uplifting views was offered to me,” Colón told The Dodo. “I spotted this dog sitting across from his owner, perched on a chair, behaving like an absolute gentleman.”

The dog and his owner appeared to be on a date.


While the guy and his dog ate, Colón noticed other customers smiling at the beautiful scenario. No one dared to stop their dinner to compliment them on their attractiveness, but Colón overheard an interaction with their waiter that revealed that this wasn’t a one-time occurrence.

“A waiter commented on how nice the dog was at one point, and the man said that he takes the dog everywhere,” Colón recalled. “It appeared to be a very delightful date with great company.”






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