Dog Takes Hẻ Đa To An Abandoned Dog Sleeping In A Hole

William Thomas Green woke up bright and early to take Cokie to the dog park. Even though it had rained the night before, the guy wasn’t about to deny his companion a stroll and some play time, but when they got at the park and let free of Cokie’s leash, something piqued his dog’s interest.

Cokie accompanied her father to a filthy puddle where a helpless puppy was sleeping. The foxhound breed dog had apparently been abandoned during the night storm and was extremely weak and unwell, to the point that she could not even stand upright.

William stated to The Dodo:

“Cokie instantly rushed to a park corner and stared at me.  I went back to see why she was so worried. Immediately, I went to the car and bought her food and water. After she ate and drank, she was able to get up and didn’t leave my side.”

Cokie and Lucy’s friendship has evolved since their initial chance meeting. William feels thankful to have been at the right place at the right time to help Lucy. In exchange, Lucy has given him and his family her unwavering love.

According to William:

“She and Cokie want nothing more than to play in the backyard and dog park together. Cokie is constantly welcomed to Lucy’s bed, and the two of them hug. They have a big sister-little sister feel going on.”

CREDIT: William Thomas Green

Finally, the gentleman added:

“It’s wonderful to get a second opportunity at life. I’m not sure how she can be so lovely after everything she’s been through.”






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