Family Rescues A Stray Dog That Ứa Stranded After Heavy Rains, And Decides To Adopt It

A family rescued a homeless dog that had become caught in the middle of a flooded roadway in a Brazilian city about a month ago. The dog became entangled on a light post full with branches.

The dog was apparently pulled here by the stream of the flooded streets, and in order to escape being dragged, he clung to the fallen branches. At the time, a couple living across the street noticed the dog and went out of their way to aid him.

The man approached the puppy caught in the river and, after catching him in his arms, carried him and took him home to keep him warm and fed.


Despite the fact that Sorriso seems to be an older dog, he is adjusting well to his new home and demonstrating how content he is with his family. And the best part is that he is constantly smiling; no matter what he is doing, he always smiles, indicating that he is thankful.


Sorriso was able to change his life and gain a house thanks to the couple’s generous attitude.






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