Friends Foster Ailing 19-Year-Old Lab Mĩ Surendered to Texas Shelter and ‘Spoil Hẻ Rotten’

Regrettably, it wasn’t always like this. The Labrador retriever mix’s former owner turned the old dog over to a Dallas Animal Services facility in the summer. According to veterinarians, Annie arrived at the shelter in poor health and had just one month to live.

Dallas Animal Services shared Annie’s story on social media and urged animal lovers to think about fostering the dog in order to make sure Annie’s last month was full with love.

When Lauren Siler came across Annie’s advertisement on Dallas Animal Services, the business analyst “knew I had to figure out how to get her,” the analyst tells PEOPLE.

When Lisa, my roommate and best friend, saw her picture, she said, “We have to have her,” as Siler relates.

“We gladly advise individuals to cultivate. The sad reality is that without someone stepping forward to foster, these creatures are being put down on a daily basis because shelters are simply overwhelmed. Annie is special to us, but she is not a unicorn. Hundreds of Annies are presently placed at a shelter. Waiting for someone to step forward and take care of them, “Siler says.

“These elderly dogs have given so much of themselves to someone only to be abandoned at the shelter. I feel we owe it to these seniors to aid them in completing their life strong “She continues.

Annie’s bucket list will stay active as long as the dog is engaged and energetic enough to participate in the activities. Annie’s newest antics may be viewed on Instagram @dallasanimalfoster.






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