“I know you loved me too”: tearfully says goodbye to his puppy after 12 years of faithful company

 A young man has taken over the internet after the heartbreaking farewell he offered his dog, his longtime companion, went viral. We can’t deny that the tales we see on social media may make us laugh while sometimes breaking our hearts.

This is one of those stories that reminds us of the difficult moment people face when saying goodbye to their pets.

A young man bids a tearful goodbye to his loyal puppy who had accompanied him for 12 years.

And for genuine animal lovers, they are much more than just companionship; they are special beings who come to offer us unconditional love and commitment.

Beings who frequently have a higher status in our life than some members of our family.

Gilberto notes that he never envisaged the support he would receive after the tsunami of good comments and the rapid response of Internet users to this poignant narrative, and that it was not his plan, but that of his puppy, for this to happen.

“It was not my plan, but my shorty’s, since many people went and cuddled their puppies.” Many people place a higher value on them. Many people recall his puppies. It was certainly his plan, therefore I apologize.”

We are sorry for your loss. We believe he has won a canine angel who gladly crossed the rainbow because he had someone in his life who loved him wholeheartedly.






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