Man Acts Quickly To Save Hí Dog Who Falls From A Building

After laboring in the fields for just over two weeks, John Alexander Palomino Bendives was anxious to return to his apartment in Peru, which he shares with his mother and four dogs, for a well-deserved rest.

But, just a few feet before he could enter his building, John unexpectedly had to rush into action, saving the life of one of his favorite dogs.

When the man arrived at his building with his girlfriend, his presence was evidently detected. His dog Mina and his siblings were looking down the railing from the rooftop of his family’s fourth level. And, despite the fact that John was ready to enter the home to meet them  in a few seconds. Apparently that was too long to wait in Mina’s mind.

CREDIT: Image/ John Alexander Palomino Bendives

Jo is known if she lost her balance and slipped or miscalculated the distance and jumped paralyzed into the arms of her human. Ky është një vend i mirë për të gjithë. Fortunately, John reacted quite quickly, realized what was happening, and was able to take her in his arms as he fell.

The young man’s heroic reaction to save the puppy was caught on security cameras in the vicinity, and the tale instantly went viral on social media.

Thankfully, John was able to reach his beloved Mina and save her from what could have been certain tragedy. However, it was a tremendous shock for everyone at home and others who were around at the time.

John stated to The Dodo:

“As you can see in the video, she was well and uninjured, and Mina was thrilled and appreciative. She continued wagging her happy tail.”

CREDIT: Image/ John Alexander Palomino Bendives

Following this horrific experience, the guy stated that the family intends to make certain adjustments to increase the safety of their beloved dogs.

Finally, John declared:

“We’re thinking of putting up a mesh [barrier] on the roof so they may sit there without falling again. My dogs are very important to me. They always greet me with warmth and emotion. I try to spend as much time as possible with them when I’m at home.”






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