Rescue Dog Waits All Day For The Man Who Saved Hẻ To Get Home From Work

Sara Fitzwater’s husband was on his way to one of the coal mines he frequent for business earlier this year when he noticed a dog nearby, who appeared to be alone. He wasn’t sure where she’d come from, but after meeting her again on subsequent trips, it became clear.

“She had been dumped off in the area,” Fitzwater told The Dodo. “Every time [my husband] went to this mine, she would go up to him and smile.”

The dog had won his heart. And he’d earned a particular place in her heart.


It’s no surprise to Fitzwater that Sadie Kate is head over heels in love with her husband. He appears to be the sort of man whose gentle, loving nature is simple to admire.

“I tell her all the time she hit the jackpot when she smiled at him,” Fitzwater said.






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