Shelter Dog Receives Sweetest Farewell When Finally Adopted

Stevie arrived as a stray dog roughly a year ago under the care of the Dogtown South Africa rescue center. He has been friendly and outgoing with people and other dogs since his arrival at the shelter. The shelter workers expected the cute child to find his forever home quickly, but that was not the case.

To everyone’s amazement, Stevie was repeatedly neglected in the rescue center for more than six years, and no one knew why.

Dogtown SA’s adoption manager, Elanza Kloppers, told The Dodo:

“[He] was always a puzzle to us. Stevie met a lot of people, but for some reason, another dog was always picked. Many of his roommates were adopted over the years and we always expected something to happen for Stevie. Being a black dog didn’t help either, as it’s quite common for black dogs to go unnoticed in shelters.”

Elanza continued:

“Our adoptions are all unique, but some are more distinctive than others. We’ve had a few standout adoptions throughout the years, and we’ve always had a special farewell for those pets. The entire crew wanted to bid him farewell and wish him well.”


Stevie was ecstatic as he moved among his pals who were cheering him on. He appeared to recognize that this was a special day, and he was overjoyed that all of his friends had gathered to bid him farewell.

Elanza remembers:

“Stevie wagged his tail and shouted a special goodbye to everyone.” He has grown to like our team, and I’m sure he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw all of his favorite people wishing him luck and cheering him on. It was a difficult day for all of us. Stevie stepped into the truck with his usual, wavy butt, as though he knew his day had finally arrived! He was warm in his favorite jacket, surrounded by his beloved  people, he got into the vehicle quite happily.”


Stevie is already enjoying life in her new ideal home. His new father refers to him as Stevie Wonderful and loves him just the way he is, and it is evident that Stevie feels the same way.

His new family is looking forward to many more experiences together. Stevie ultimately found his happily ever after, despite the fact that it took some time.






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